Friday, April 08, 2005

Vice President Cheney replies to my (our) mom

Okay, actually it's Cecelia Boyer, Special Assistant to the Vice President For Correspondence (so who's the VPFC? Oh, never mind). Ms. Boyer's missive reads:

Dear Ms. Maile [that's Maier]:

The Vice President has asked me to reply to your letter expressing your thoughts on Social Security reform. Your comments have been carefully noted.

Vice President Cheney was pleased that you let him know of your views. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Sincerely, [etc.]

In other words, "Thank you for sharing" – which, as you know if you've ever heard this expression delivered just so, means something on the order of: Shut your pie hole, ya #$@%. So to Ms. Boyer, I say: you can't talk that way to my mom! You take that back!

I swear, the manners of some people nowadays. Of course, if I know my mom, she probably gave as good as she got...

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Anonymous said...

You should be happy someone wrote your mother. Several peaple that have written the Vice President don't recieve a letter in return. If I were your mother I would place that letter along with the copy of what she wrote in a frame on the wall of your home. Consider the fact that she did get a response. You have no right to bad mouth someone unless you evaluate the whole situation. We are at a time of war and the Bush Adminstration currently has thier hands tied. I'm sure if the Vice President was not attending meetings with the Director National Intelligence and the Defense Department heads he would have had the time to write your mother a more personal letter.

Thank You for your opinions, they are noted!

M. P. Sanger
Retired USMC
Microsoft Executive Circle