Friday, April 29, 2005

Politics? Here?

Dada head, a self-described moonbat (what's a moonbat? It's a wingnut, only on the left), tells us, in response to some suggestions to the contrary, that he does not, repeat not, support the ass*ss*n*t**n of President Bush. No moonbat myself, I would go further and move that negation closer in: that is, I do support not ass*ss*n*t*ng the President. Not only for the obvious reasons (like that it's not ethical, for one); we must also consider the consequences. Here's the next day's headline:

President Ass*ss*n*ted! Wingnuts Devastated! Moonbats Secretly Exultant!

Okay, everybody's thought that far ahead, right? But now here's the next day's headline:

From Undisclosed Location, President Cheney Declares Martial Law; Moonbats Suddenly Uneasy

Now who's laughing, eh?

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