Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fair's fair

At Mixing Memory, Chris ameliorates his own lack of postage by sending us to two separate discussions, each between Sam Harris and Some Religious Guy. RG #1 is Andrew Sullivan, and this one's been going on for a while. Last time I checked, they had reached an impasse, but it seems they've been plugging away nonetheless. Good luck, fellas!

RG #2 is celebrity pastor Rick Warren, whose encounter with Harris was documented in this last week's Newsweek magazine. Man, is it ever painful to read (thanks Chris!). Here's where I gave up, about a third of the way through:
WARREN: Where do you get your morality? If there is no God, if I am simply complicated ooze, then the truth is, your life doesn't matter, my life doesn't matter.

HARRIS: That is a total caricature of—

WARREN: No, let me finish. I let you caricature Christianity.
Well, that's okay then.

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