Monday, March 19, 2007


1. Slow-motion train wreck here. I find these curiously fascinating, especially when I have some sympathy for both "sides" (not to imply that any actual engagement took place ...). HT: Butterflies and Wheels (see comments there too).

2. Flash guide to "electronic music" here. More like electronic dance music, I would say; and some of the examples are oddly chosen. Fun to look at though. HT: (some other good music links there too)

3. I clicked through to that site (relatively inactive before now) from A brood comb, who credits it with this link, which has video and audio of a lecture by Hilary Putnam (not sure if it's new material though). For more, see Abc's online-philvideo page, which is pretty impressive by now.

4. Leiter Reports reports that there will be another online philosophy conference in May; some big names will be posting (video too!). So click over here ... in May. I'll remind you. If I remember.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a decent starting point for ye olde Conference would be Doc Leiter providing a refutation of Goodman & Quine's Constructive Nominalism (which, however obscure, in effect shows the young WVOQ as an anti-Fregean empiricist; he may have waffled later (i.e. his all posits are equal suggestion (mostly BS)). If G & Q are correct (and it is Steps towards an axiomatic Con.Nom., not completed), a great deal of the pseudo-platonic writing now passed off as analytical philosophy or "foundationalism" (much of set theory as well?) is eliminated.