Monday, January 08, 2007


Michael Bérubé, Exalted Leader of the We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party, has resolved to give up blogging, retiring undefeated as Best Educational Blog. This is disappointing, as that was a great blog (the regular commenters are insane, in the good sense of that term). He gives his offical goodbye here. However, before he left, he did give a gracious if brief reply to my comments on his book (scroll down past his more lengthy comments on some other guy -- kidding!) I have promised, unbidden, to reply at length in this space. (As he tactfully puts it, he "just [doesn’t] quite understand what [I am] driving at".)

So let me get my notes together [shuffle shuffle]. Indeed, one might have thought that I too had quit fooling around abandoned the bloggy life. But fear not! (Although one resolution is to spend less time on the web this year, I do hope to continue to post, if only at the same leisurely pace.)

[Update: great minds think alike - here is the final final post.]

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