Saturday, August 13, 2005

Duck days indeed

Some odds and ends for these hot summer days:

Here's a handsome lad.

And in other news, those philosophers are carnivaling again. Thanks Gracchi! I particularly liked the post from TAR about non-philosophers' ideas of what we do; some great stories there, plus some interesting reflections. Check it out!

Coincidentally, today's Dilbert addresses the same issue, believe it or not. Dilbert is out on a date, and addresses his companion thus:
Dilbert: No one ever wants to take more than half of what's left of the last doughnut. That's why I call it Xeno's [sic] doughnut. Hee hee!

Dinner companion drains glass.

Passing waitress, to dinner companion: I heard some of that. Do you want to switch to hard liquor?

Dinner companion, holding out glass: Hurry.
Sigh. Of course, that's Zeno of Elea he's talking about, not Zeno of Citium! Zeno of Citium's doughnut would remain untouched on the plate! Ha ha! (Oog.)


Omni said...

I blogged about that exact same cartoon, LOL!! You needn't have the "sic" after "Xeno's," however, as that's an accepted spelling, and in fact the one I've seen the most often. :-)

Duck said...

That's funny - I've never seen it spelled with an "x". I actually think it should be a "z" - the Greek letter is a zeta, not a ksi or xi. On the other hand, "donut" would be an accepted variant for "doughnut," though I prefer the latter (mmmm ... doughnuts).