Friday, March 18, 2005

Why don't we stay here for now

I've been quacking about migrating to another host, and I even checked it out, but since a) I don't want to learn another system/tweak another template just now; b) we don't have enough comments here for it to be worthwhile anyway, and c) Blogger seems only to have hiccuped rather than blown a fuse, I guess we'll stay here for now.

Of course one reason for (b) is (d): I, we, haven't been posting (heh heh). Of course we're busy, but that's no excuse really. I've been hanging out and commenting on other blogs (Right Reason is really hopping), but when visiting someone else's domain I feel I should really stay on point rather than stretching out (on the other hand I encourage any visitors here to stretch out all they like!), so maybe I'll repost stuff here, or link to it, and then really go to town. It could get ugly (in a good way though!)

We'll also have sneak peeks at my article in progress! So stay tuned!

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