Monday, May 14, 2007

Confer, I say!

As I mentioned a while back, the 2nd Online Philosophy Conference is scheduled for (checks watch) right now. Actually it began yesterday. Mostly analytic (not that that's a bad thing ...), but/and there's a paper on Wittgenstein by Meredith Williams. Go confer!

Reminder HT: Leiter

UPDATE: New Philosophers' Carnival too!


Daniel Lindquist said...

Responding here because it's the most recent post, and I have no idea how often bloggers see comments on old posts: The article I was trying to find a few weeks back on Clark's blog was thissun:

(more on Clark's blog, but you'd said to let you know if/when I found the article. So, I am doing this.)

Duck said...

Thanks Daniel! As it happens every comment, on old posts and new, is forwarded to my inbox. I regret that all we have here at the moment is the former, but like the man said, I shall return. Thanks again for the link.