Saturday, April 01, 2006

Eppur si muove

My goodness, I think we have a live one here. (HT: Dadahead)

As is well known, the creationist knock on evolution is that once the kids learn that biological evolution is non-teleological, they will infer from this that there is no objective morality and consequently try to have as many abortions and/or homosexual orgies as humanly possible. Or something.

For some, however, this common view is insufficiently hardcore (= deliriously perverse). To save the world from gay marriage and so forth, it is thus not Darwin whom we must reject, or even those pesky geologists with their absurdly old earth, but ... Galileo and Copernicus. Yes, at there is displayed a full-blown case of geocentrism. Under a picture of a "levitating globe" (scroll down) we read:
"An electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its
display stand cause the Earth to levitate motionlessly in the air."
Could God have engineered something like that for the real Earth?
The Bible and all real evidence confirms that this is precisely what He did, and indeed:
The Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun.
The universe is not one ten trillionth the size we are told.
Today’s cosmology fulfills an anti-Bible religious plan disguised as "science".
The whole scheme from Copernicanism to Big Bangism is a factless lie.
Those lies have planted the Truth-killing virus of evolutionism
in every aspect of man’s "knowledge" about the Universe, the
Earth, and Himself.

Take your time.
Check it all out.
Decide for yourself.
So without the divine electromagnet (or whatever) the Earth would ... fall down? Which direction is that, exactly? South? My stars, that's astoundingly stupid. Even a flat earth makes more sense than this - at least then there is a "down" (in some versions, anyway; in others there are people on the flip side too).

And is it a coincidence, or instead deliberate, that this list (you can't see it in my version, as I cannot figure out how to center-justify; go look) resembles a mushroom cloud?

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