Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What's with the name?

Naturally the main reference is to the ambiguous figure featured in Wittgenstein’s famous discussion of aspect seeing in part IIxi of Philosophical Investigations (see here and here). Wittgenstein is one of my main men, and while Rabbit doesn’t read much recent philosophy (he likes Kant and Nietzsche from his undergraduate days, and he was reading Mead a while back), I gave him the Investigations last year, and he says he thinks they’re on the same page for the most part. He’s reading On Certainty now, which I’ve written on, so I imagine Wittgenstein may come up fairly frequently – but we’ll see, won’t we. And like I said, we will be looking at the same things from fairly different directions, so we might indeed see different aspects of them.

Plus if the discussion descends into Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season! (as it might, given that neither of us suffers fools – uh, that is, ill-conceived arguments – gladly) then the name will serve as gentle self-mockery. Or if we run into pronoun trouble.

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